About New England Rendokan

New England Rendokan teaches traditional Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate and Torite Jujutsu for ages 4 to adult. Training occurs in a non-competitive atmosphere allowing students to concentrate on learning and applying techniques correctly instead of concerning themselves with a "must-win" feeling. Our training steps are designed to make learning and strengthening more efficient. We stress the development of self-discipline, strength building, improving confidence and self-esteem. Karate increases motor skills, improves flexibility and reduces injuries in other sports.

Each class consists of warm-ups and training. We begin by warming and strengthening our bodies. Next we begin training. Our training consists of learning new techniques, practicing known techniques and applying both. To aid in learning we use a 6-step process. The 6-step process takes students from seeing a new technique to being confident in it's application. Creating good habits are the foundation for most learning. Our 6-step process leads to correct practicing and good habits leading to more efficient learning. Our process also helps those that are uncomfortable with physical contact.

Darryl Baleshiski began studying karate as a teenager earning his black belt in 1994. Grand Master Eizo Shimabukuro promoted him to 9th degree black belt and Grand Master Instructor in 2011.

O'Sensei presents Darryl with Grand Master certificate. O'Sensei presents Darryl with Grand Master certificate.

My Commitment To My Students

I understand that my students are unique and will progress differently. I work to determine my students current level of skill and physical ability and help them to improve to meet their individual goals.

Darryl Baleshiski