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Applying your kata seminar

Before black belt we spend a lot of time practicing our katas and only a little time applying the moves behind them. The Appyling Your Kata seminars are 2 hours and will cover 1 kata on the following topics:

  • 3 of the 7 aspects of kata
  • Bunkai: Basic application behind each move.
  • Oyo: Expanding on the basic application, creating application of your own and learning some of mine.
  • Exchange practice: Attention focused on applying techniques learned at the seminar.
  • 2011-2012 Schedule coming soon

Seminar & Demonstration

These all day seminars will be at the Rocky Hill or Essex dojo and are set up to cover the 3 martial arts O'Sensei teaches (karate, jujutsu & kobudo):

  • Karate: Learn, apply and oyo techniques.
  • Kobudo (weaponry): Learn how it works, some moves as well as application.
  • Jujutsu: We will rotate through some of the 200 moves O'Sensei teaches as well as turning blocks into jujutsu and some oyo.
  • Exchange practice: Attention focused on applying techniques learned at the seminar.
  • A demonstration: Time to show family and friends what you have been working on throughout the year.
  • 2011-2012 Schedule coming soon

Training weekends

Training weekends consist of 6 training sessions over a weekend and are designed to give students an opportunity to:

  • Receive extra training
  • Meet students from other classes.
  • Learn something not normally taught in regular classes
  • Participate in a Traditional Okinawan Demonstration
  • Play some known and unknown games
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Intense training

Intense training is designed to move students through all 19 empty hand katas during week one and work on understanding the moves behind them during week two. It consists of two, 2 hour trainings a day for 2 weeks (week days only) giving students a greater understanding of what they are learning.
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Special Training In Okinawa

Special Training In Okinawa is an amazing experience in which all serious students should participate. It involves traveling to the land where karate was born and living with a karate legend, our Grandmaster Shimabukuro Eizo. During the 2-week experience, he will cover all 24 katas, the moves behind the katas, as well as all of his jujutsu and kobudo sets. Students also eat most meals with him and hear many great stories and philosophies. In addition, the trip includes site seeing and relaxation (swimming in the local aqua colored ocean, going to the spa). It has transformed my life and the lives of others. It's a trip that must be experienced!

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Non-Martial Arts Events

Non-Martial Arts Events include hiking, days at the beach, eagle watching, amusement parks, local sport events, getting together to play football and much more.

2012-2013 Schedule

January 26-27spacer (1K)Jujutsu Training
with Hanshi Weinberg
January 27spacer (1K)Winter Demo
4:00pm In Old Saybrook
February 24spacer (1K)Old Saybrook Open House
2:00pm to 4:00pm all are welcome to come.
spacer (1K)More events coming soon!

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